East's Big Book of Everything Endgame

Cipanku (Current as of 0.7.1)



Hey, congratulations on getting to the end of Temtem’s content. Still wearing that towel? 


Bet you’re probably wondering what to do now! Maybe you want to play Temtem competitively, maybe you want to become a Temtem breeder who trades on the market! Maybe you want to plant and harvest your own berries! Maybe you want your own house with furniture! Well, you can do three of those things, but before we get to that…


  1. Let’s get rich!


Endgame Temtem revolves around Pansuns (gold, money, gil, etc.) You’re going to need to first set up some sort of routine that’s going to supply you with the cash that you need to acquire whatever your little heart desires. Once you’ve figured out your economy, it’s all about doing what needs to be done to get there, and reaping those sweet, sweet rewards. Until the next patch, anyways.


  1. Scheming and Scheduling


We’re in an MMO, Neo! Here’s a brief overview of each of the endgame options you have to gain Pansuns - some will be explored in more detail later in the guide:


i. The Dojo re-fights: Each Dojo Master can be re-fought once a week. These are challenging battles that use Temtem’s competitive format. They have a startup Pansun investment to build a good team, but are a very quick way to score Pansuns after. Each re-fight win is worth about 7000 Pansuns, for a total of around 42k Pansuns - but you lose about 700 Pansuns per loss. The re-fights refresh every Monday at 1:00 AM PST.


ii. Luma hunting: You get 3 Temtem radars from the Dojo Masters (1 each from the first 3 you beat except for Rawiri) that correspond to the type that Dojo Master uses. The radars themselves combine for a roughly 38.5% chance of getting a Luma, which conservatively sells on the market for around 90K Pansuns. After some quick math this works out to about an average of 35k Pansuns a week, though you might choose to keep the Lumas. If you don’t think you’ll have the time to do the radars - and they can be quite time consuming - , you can sell them for 3.75K Pansuns a week.


iii. Ranked Matchmaking: Winning matched in Ranked Matchmaking awards you Pansuns based on your TMR. Low TMR yields about 600-800 pansuns per win, mid TMR about 1200-1400, and high TMR (1500 or higher) close to 4K Pansuns per win. Judge accordingly based on your TMR and what time you play (for queue times.)


iv. FreeTem!: FreeTem! Is an organization that believes even fictional characters in an imagined, crowdfunded videogame should have conscience enough to click an arbitrary button on a screen once in a while. They will give you Pansuns and rewards based on how many tems you release, what kind of tems, and what level. There are a few FreeTem! location guides on Youtube, in particular look for Saga’s guide!


v. Koish Fishing: I’m gonna level with you here for a sec - I hate fishing mechanics in video games, straight-up. That said, maybe you’re really into being bored or just really like Koish. You can get some pretty cool prizes, and they overall add up to about 5k Pansuns worth of rewards per week. You can also freetem them if you want, though Iridescence makes them pretty finicky. As of the Cipanku update, there really isn’t too much reason to Koish fish - it’s inefficient pansun-wise, and its rewards pale in comparison to raids.


vi. Deliveries: This takes like 25-30 minutes at most, every day go to the post office in Uhuru. I just did mine as I typed this out, and it netted me roughly 2K Pansuns after using some of the loot table items given by the quest. This requires you to “clock in” once a day, but should net around 13-15K Pansuns per week.


Vii. Raids: Raids actually cost you pansuns per session, about 2.5K, but the Telomere Hacks, WishYouWell Coins, and DNA strands can be sold to at least make the money back if not a small profit. Raids are more for people who want a break from the grind, and to play an alternative game mode.


So, set some goals for what you wanna buy or how many Pansuns you want to make, and figure out which of these get-rich quick schemes work for you.




So, on the Temtem Discord servers, people are selling Tems for Pansuns. But how do you know what’s what up in that crazy market? Before we proceed, a quick rundown on what some of these terms mean:


SVs: Single Values is the name of the sitcom about my love life. It’s also the term for a set of 7 values that correspond to each Temtem’s stats. These numbers range from 1-50, and except for certain edge cases, almost always we want these to be 50. When someone says they are selling “1SV” or “5SV” tems, they are talking about how many stats have 50 SVs in them. “Perfect” tems have optimized SVs in each stat.


TVs: TVs are the values that you raise a Tem with, like Speed, Special Attack, and the capacity to help old ladies across the street. Won’t see this term on the market much, but it comes up in the competitive discord channel sometimes. 


Egg moves/EMs: Some Tems only learn some moves through breeding. Check the pins in the competitive discord if you’re unsure if a Tem needs their egg moves or not.


Fertility/Fert: Each tem can breed a set amount of times, this is their Fertility, or Fert for short. 


Breedjects/Greens: These are Tems who have run out of fertility who haven’t achieved perfect status, or have all green numbers in SVs but are not optimized fully. These are great for building a cheap team for competitive play and the dojo refights.


3. FIGHT ME! (Getting into competitive)


Temtem has a pretty sizeable competitive community, and there’s a #competitive channel on the discord where we can answer more in-depth, detailed questions. But let’s get some things out of the way first.


“What’s a good team to start with/what’s the best team/what’s the meta?”


We get this question, or some variant of it, a lot. The short answer is there isn’t one best team. The long answer is that Temtem, as a game, isn’t even finished yet. The meta is constantly shifting and evolving, and what all the top players have, that you don’t, isn’t “the best team”. What they have is that they know how this game works at a top level - experience. Expect to lose matches. Expect to be low TMR. You get good by learning, there are no cheat codes here. 


  1. Building a team


I recommend looking at top players and trying out what they’re doing. Watch them play their team in a few matches, maybe even ask the player themselves in discord what their team is like. Figure out the movesets and items, and then commit to playing that style. Maybe come up with a small variation or two yourself. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel - you’ll suck, like me.


  1. Training your tems


Alright, so we got a team. We’re gonna raise them up to take on the Dojo re-fights and then go head to head with other players online. The next step, after acquiring breedjects, greens, or perfects of these tems, is to TV train them and level them to the cap.


i. TV training hotspots


Here’s a list of TV training hotspots. Keep in mind that any tem that receives experience from the fight will also receive the TVs, and you can equip Proteins to double the TV gain..


HP: Gifted Bridges - When you have the first opportunity on this map to use the surfboard, you should be on a long river, surf down it and there should be a patch of grass on the left. Nothing there but Saipats, which give 3 TVs in HP.


ATK: Earth Shrine - Catch a team of Vulffys and spam plague to defeat the cultists guarding the Earth Shrine. You can also use this place to EXP grind, but more importantly, the Osukais here are worth 4 ATK TVs.


STA: Prasine Coast - Sadly Crema has slower this patch down, putting Saipats in with Tateru, worth 2 STA TVs.


SPEED: Corrupted Badlands - The first patch of grass to the right of the crash site has a 95% chance to be Mushi or Orphyll, worth 2 Speed TVs each.


DEF: Mines of Mictlan - From Quetzal, take the rightmost path to the mines, and keep walking until you get to what looks like a ledge maze heading down to the left. Here we’re looking for Lapinite and Azuroc - worth 2 and 3 TVs in DEF, respectively.


SPATK: Xolot Reservoir -  look on the map for the + sign in on an island in the north - only thing that spawns there are Toxolotl, 2 TVs each. This can be slow to farm because Toxic Farewell deals 10% of your tem’s HP, so you have to run Immunity Shuine with Baton Pass Spreader Tukai, meaning you can only really TV train 2 tems at once instead of 3. Alternatively you can go to the Salt Mines along the Silaro River, and there’s an 85% chance to encounter Wiplump, 2 TVs each


SPDEF: Silaro River - Right under the pop-up Temporium on the right coast is 100% Fomu, which give 2 TVs in SPDEF.



ii. Fast XP grinding


To get the fastest gains in EXP, you’re going to want to get access to the Earth, Water, or Crystal Shrines (that’s not what they’re called, but if you search those names in the wiki the right stuff comes up.) The temtem here are high level (70 at the water temple) and give great EXP.


To accomplish fast EXP grinding as well as fast TV training, here are a few bonus tips. These are all my personal experience, so take it with a grain of salt.


-You can use the Nessla you’re provided over the course of the plot to clear Fomu and Saipat in 1 turn for HP and SPDEF, as well as clear the Wiplumps for SPATK.


-For EXP, HP, SPEED, and STA I recommend investing in a high-speed, high-SPATK Tukai with Spreader and Hand Fan. Wind Burst->Tornado will KO everything in 1-2 turns, and hit both tems, including the level 70 Platimous in the Water altar.


-For ATK as well as EXP, you can use a Max SPATK Oceara with Hurry-Wart. That gives you a 96% chance to OHKO the Osukais at Earth Shrine.


  1. Dojo re-fights


The Dojo Master re-fights are a great way to earn a quick Pansun or two, once a week. The Dojo Masters have a random team pulled from a pool of tems, for the most part, and always use the competitive format. They’ll more or less ban based on type charts, as well as make switches and choose moves based on types. Rig.PDX from the Temtem competitive discord channel has this guide, if you want to make a team specifically designed to beat the re-fights. It’s not yet updated for Cipanku, but the craft behind it is still sound: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qClWAIttWFq48up-tEdzLNLwasqxevuxqkwY_dZte9g/edit


  1. Ranked matchmaking


After 10 placement matches, you’ll get your TMR and start the climb up the ranked ladder. Remember, you’re still learning, so don’t be too hard on yourself. There aren’t that many people playing ranked this early on, so expect rematches against people roughly the same TMR as you.


  1. Tournament play


Once you have a team you’re comfortable with of perfect tems, you can enter tournaments (well, I guess you can enter tournaments whenever, if you want?) Check out tournament listings on the Temtem Discord server under #community-events. Some tournaments have specific rules and such, so keep an eye out.


  1. Competitive resources

Tortenite's Garden is a great site to learn more about competitive Temtem, and, well, you're already here! Great work! Gold Star!

Check out the #competitive channel on the Discord server, as well as some of these guides/channels:


-PlusOp: Good resource for tournament VODs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw6Qfsm4P--Bq2BPKf031SQ


-Temtem team builder, tierlist, damage calculator, and more (great resource for team building): https://tem.team/


-Taphel’s Competitive moveset list: Good list of how to build some of the meta tems and what to watch out for: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/e/2PACX-1vTRiMCYEWpEWM8OeW9WRCpV6-vokThqkojrWmhiMfDVgTy_W2U9uxjJzxG08RbHgX8y0tpKhomhd_cZ/pubhtml#


-East’s Twitch stream: LOL maybe in a few months when I don’t suck




Breeding serves a very important role in Temtem’s MMO economy - rewarding breeders for their hard work creating powerful tems by letting them trade them for Pansuns or items. If you have a significant amount of time and enjoy the process of setting up a breeding chain, you can make some serious dosh. You can breed tems at the Breeding Center in Omninesia, as well as buy items that assist you with breeding there.


Breeding perfect tems


A picture’s worth a thousand words, so since we’re at 2000+ words already, here’s the image from the wiki:



(APPARENTLY, the fertility values on this image are not totally accurate, but it still works. Also, if anyone knows who to credit for the above image, please let me know!)


Basically, set up a march madness bracket, dunk those SVs from tem to tem, and BAM you got a perfect tem or 2 or 3 or however many. Woohoo!




I dunno I guess there’s cosmetics?


  1. Finding a house


You can get a house by doing the “On Solid Footing” and then the “If you Build It” sidequest. Your house is sorted into Atoll Row by a sorting hat, and if you get an address you don’t like, just remember - the game did that on purpose.


  1. Getting some furniture


There are five furniture shops around the Archipelago, one on each island. Malachite is north of Brical De Mar, Sonokeling is in Nanga, Obsidian Furniture is in Quetzal, and East’s Exceptional Essentials is located in Uhuru. The discord market also has furniture sometimes under #wtb-wtt-wts-items


  1. Clothing stores


I’m being told these are called “Boutiques”, which, sure, whatever. There’s one in Arissola, Turquesa, Nanga, Mokupuni (Hot take - Nanga and Mokupuni are close enough that they should really just be one city, what’s up with that?), Quetzal, and Uhuru. Check out #wtb-wtt-wts-items, too.



  1. Dyes


Fun fact - dye bundles are worth more than a perfectly bred Saipat. You can buy them at all of the “Boutiques” mentioned above, including the discord market one.




Wow, you really read this far down, huh?





The Saipark is Temtem’s version of the Safari Zone from Pokemon, where Luma tems are more likely to appear, and can only be caught by special temcards known as Ultra Temcard Max. Don’t ask me what Saicards do, I assume they work well on Saipat. The Saipark is in Deniz, south of Brical de Mar across a hookshot jump.




The featured  tems you can encounter at an increased rate in Saipark change once a week. Sometimes these tems have higher minimum SVs, sometimes higher luma rates, and sometimes they come with egg moves already on them. Neat!




Thanks for reading this guide! If you have any questions or suggestions, I can be reached at East_25 on the Temtem Discord.