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Synergy Master

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Electric Koish packs the powerful Electropunch in its moveset, allowing it to deal incredible damage when synergized via its trait, Synergy Adept. Synergy also allows it to move very fast thanks to the very high priority it gains. This makes it a fearsome albeit niche offensive threat, being able to deal large damage to many Tems before they can move. Digital tems especially appreciate its ability to deal with opposing Waters at high priority. Like all other Koish, it provides the useful Synergy Adept bonus to its allies as well, and can offer the utility of Hypnosis when needed.

Electric Koish - Eff F Koish

by Rig

Updated as of Patch 1.2

Trait & Items

Synergy ADEPT


Water Cannon


Base TV Total
HP 51 57 300
STAMINA 55 106 77
SPEED 66 329 238
ATTACK 83 500 301
DEFENSE 68 2 176
SP ATTACK 70 5 180
SP DEFENSE 54 1 152


You have found yourself on the page of a tem that works best with more unorthodox teams. If you are new to PVP, do not start your journey with Electric Koish. If you already understand the battle system, however, this one is either a fun challenge or an option that may perfectly fit your team's needs. (1.2 DUKE'S NOTES - PSYCHE THIS THING IS ACTUALLY SUPER EASY TO USE IN DIGIAGGRO NOW - RUN IT WITH DIGIS AND BOP STUFF ON THE SKULL)

What is Electric Koish's role in PVP?

Aside from hitting hard and somewhat fast, Electric Koish is a niche choice that allows for some very unusual team combinations. Generally, taking this tem means being unable to pick Nature Koish or Fire Koish, which often means it is automatically overshadowed by its bretheren. But, thanks to its technique pool, it can be an unusual but effective ally that denies opponents the room to use their usual strategies. Because Electric Koish can both lead well and swap in to hit hard with priority, this tem can make for a worthy opponent in the right hands.

What kind of teams appreciate Electric Koish?

Teams that have more than one Digital type can typically support Electric Koish. Its typing also means it is unafraid or outright counters the elements Digitals are most commonly weak to. This, naturally, means that E Koish finds itself on fast-paced digital teams that at least partially rely on harmful microwaves.

Electric Koish can also be situationally appreciated by Toxic type allies; Water Cannon with Synergy Master benefit Electric Koish, and Toxics appreciate having an Electric type ally that can ward off enemy Wind types. However, most toxics are slower, which puts E Koish in an awkward position. More on this later under the Friends and Foes section.

Teams that struggle versus specific meta options (specifically Tulcan, other digitals, waters) might appreciate Electric Koish as a particular hard counter, but E Koish is not that great when used as an independant unit.

What is the goal of this specific build?

This is a fast and furious fish. It is built with the assumption that E Koish is on a fast-paced Digital heavy team that has at least one team member carrying the Whip gear. It is meant to lead or swap into the field swinging, and it will probably die in 2 hits to strong attackers unless it resists those moves (in which case it will die in 3-4 hits). By moving so quickly, however, it can reliably apply Taser's burn, which has a secondary effect of lessening the opponent's offensive power by 30%. This helps it and its allies with survivability, making frail digital allies a bit more sturdy with it as an ally.

In other words, this Electric Koish spread is meant to "punch holes" into the enemy team. It should take out most winds and waters, and it should do respectable damage to enemies weak to Water Cannon.

The specific investments allow E Koish to:

*Without Whip and with Epunch synergy, it can outspeed Shuine, Barnshe, Loali, Mushook, and Shaolant. With only synergy, it will outspeed everything except max speed Aquatic Whirlwind Ukama and high speed investment Sharp Stabs Gyalis. With Whip and synergy, it outspeeds the entire metagame excluding very high base speed, high speed investment 3 priority move users such as Ukama, Amphatyr, and Valash.

*It can outspeed Cerneaf's Water Cutting Lilly when +1 spd with synergy Electropunch, but only do this if you are absolutely desperate to hit Cerneaf's ally because it's not like you can hurt Cerneaf back at all (and water cutting lily really stings).

*Enough stamina to use electropunch 3 times after whip reduces your stamina. If you are not using a whip ally, you can take a humble 19 points in stamina to reach a total stat of 61, but you will probably want to immediately dump all of those points you took out of stamina back into speed unless you like the idea of tems such as Maoala sleep locking E koish (and E koish possibly dying by the next turn).

*5 special attack, oddly, allows you to almost always 2KO seismunch (and most earths) with water cannon. If Seismunch did not get +def/+spdef buffs, you can always do 50% with the first water cannon turn 1 and then finish it off with your ally turn 2. If seismunch did get buffs, you'll need synergy + ally damage to help. Vulcrane, Drakash and Hedgine get destroyed by water cannon regardless of investment, but you will always need toxic synergy if you want to finish off the likes of Raican.

Explanation for E Koish allies and how to teambuild for E Koish

Ohhhboy. So The problem with stacking digitals is more digital weaknesses. E koish fixes that, and doesn't add any problems with waters and electrics. Great! But you have a million directions that you can take a "digital team with E koish" in, conceptually. These options range from run-of-the-mill sane choices such as Hedgine, Chromeon, etc to something more insane.

For a whacky Example: Toxic Chromeon can be staggered for Venom Spread shenanigans when next to E koish, or outright offer E Koish Electropunch synergy while opening. Toxic Chromeon also appreciates a Rotten Goo ally, and a fast burn with Taser + the Seized status from Rotten Goo can actually deeply disrupt the opponent's damage. This combination will do very respectable damage while sneakily reducing the enemy's. Toxic Chromeon offers unique faraday cage synergy to a different array of digitals but also water cannon synergy to other users while still encouraging other electropunch users. A team like this can then stack additional odd but immediately dangerous combos like Hazrat + Tuwire, Hazrat + Hedgine, or Zaobian + Raignet. These also play well back into the original T chrom + E Koish core you may have initially chosen, at the sacrifice of creating some weird weakness stacking that can be tricky to work around.

Special shoutout to Cerneaf, who can oddly fit in with either teambuild path depending on how many waters you put on the team.

Should you play Toxic Chromeon and Electric Koish? Weeelll, probably not. But can you? Yes. Yes you can.


Final Word

Electric Koish is a tough sell despite having a good baseline and good typing. It offers wonderfully effective role compression for teams that are not relying heavily on other Koish variants, and it can make the impossible become possible for some digital teams. It is an intruiging option, but it has to uniquely find its way in a meta full of extremely opressive combos.

Name Type Class Priority Damage Stamina Hold
Electric Stream
Physical Normal 85 24 0
Physical Normal 110 19 0
Special Normal 27 5 0
Physical High 32 4 0
Ice Cubes
Physical Normal 54 13 0
Water Cannon
Special Normal 100 21 0
Status Normal 0 17 1
Rainbow Guard
Status Normal 0 20 1
Status Normal 0 22 2
Zen Meditation
Status Low 0 0 2