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Neutral Chromeon is a prototypical glass cannon - it has unresisted coverage and if it makes it to turn 2 Undermine deals tremendous damage with Synertyper. Unfortunately, Neutral offers Chromeon no value defensively, making this a tem with 4 weaknesses and only a Toxic resistance. In order to compete with Neutrals like Momo, or Digitals like Hedgine or even other Chromeons, Neutral Chromeon requires a lot of dedicated team support to take advantage of Generify.

Neutral Chromeon - Getting the Band Together

by Rig

Updated as of Patch 0.9.4

Trait & Items

Resistance Badge


Neutral Torrent
Harmful Microwaves


Base TV Total
HP 51 172 350
STAMINA 55 19 61
SPEED 66 454 263
ATTACK 65 0 170
DEFENSE 49 0 143
SP ATTACK 78 352 263
SP DEFENSE 63 0 167


What is Neutral Chromeon's role in PVP?

This is a very, very niche tem. You take it when Arachnyte isn't fast enough for your needs or when you want to challenge your ability to teambuild. Like all Chromeons, its primary goal is to click Harmful Microwaves a lot and sometimes click its unique moves. In this case, Undermine and maybe Awful Song, if you decided to take it.

As such, I can not recommend this Tem to non-experienced PVPers.

What kind of teams appreciate Neutral Chromeon?

Neutral is a fantastic type for synergy. Quetza-leno users like it, Sparkling Bullet users like it, and in Neutral Chromeon's case it also likes other Neutrals, situationally. As an added bonus, these Tems teypically make good lead picks during the pick/ban phase. However, Neutral Chromeon faces a somewhat nasty problem: it doesn't like those Tems back very much. It is very much a one-sided relationship. Quetza-leno might get a bonus, but Neutral Chromeon doesn't care for fire allies, only benefits for type-chart purposes from Sparkling Bullet allies, and doesn't reciprocate to anything other than fellow Neutral allies. This limits the pool and playstyle somewhat, forcing Neutral Chromeon to be next to mostly Digitals and similar-minded Neutrals such as Arachnyte..and Arachnyte has Unseen Blow and essentially never takes Awful Song either.

This relegates Neutral Chromeon into the role of a psuedo-Momo that enables ally Harmful Microwaves or Generify. Use the very subpar Neutral Torrent on Turn 1 if Harmless Microwaves isn't an option, and then spam Undermine -> Hologram -> Undermine.

What is the goal of this specific Neutral Chromeon build?

This Chromeon wants to do decent damage while still surviving long enough to get the Undermine -> Hologram routine up ASAP. It still needs a lot of speed to challenge more aggressive teams, and all Chromeon base speeds are naturally subpar without priority moves. Frankly, there are not enough TVs to fully achieve these goals due to the high stamina cost of Undermine and generally low bulk of Chromeons, but careful play can somewhat mitigate these problems.

The speed investment is faster than max speed Vulffy, meaning you can Undermine -> Hologram -> Undermine most 2 priority threats and dodge 3 priority moves with proper prediction. Harmful Microwaves will still move faster than most tems, just don't expect to kill or survive an enemy Golzy.

The HP investment will occasionally keep it alive for another turn, which is useful when you want to get your moves' holds down. Be careful of high-damage hits, you can only survive one (if that).

Stamina lets you do your primary move rotations for a few turns. Any more than is overkill since Neutral Chromeon has likely been taken down by turn 3-4.

Awful Song is an option over Neutral Torrent when your team is confidently able to lead Neutral Chromeon with other digitals consistently, or has enough other Tems to lead with during pick/ban without it. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time bringing it early and a difficult time swapping it in to reduce its moves' holds. When it does pop off, it can be a bit nasty as the move is typically unresisted and synergy makes Awful Song hit both slots for respectable damage. Awful Song also outclasses Neutral Torrent in basically every way excluding the hold, which is a big deal, but once online the move allows you a flexible rotation of Undermine/Hologram/Awful Song which gives you mixup potential.

Final Words

This is a super niche Tem that is fun to try but currently difficult to justify. At the end of the day, it is still a Chromeon, so it is a reliable Harmful Microwaves spammer with an interesting secondary offensive option.


Name Type Class Priority Damage Stamina Hold
Neutral Torrent
Special Normal 85 18 0
Special Normal 125 26 1
Digital Whip
Physical Low 20 6 0
Shy Shield
Status High 0 4 0
Data Burst
Unknown Last 0 0 0
Status Ultra 0 12 1
Binary Flood
Special Normal 60 24 1
Status Normal 0 10 0
Rainbow Guard
Status Normal 0 20 1
Status Normal 0 18 2
Data Corruption
Status Normal 0 22 2
Harmful Microwaves
Special Low 86 28 0
Status Low 0 14 1
Special Normal 50 22 2