Toxic Chromeon


Pigment Inverter

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Base Stats



Toxic Chromeon is a tem that can hit very quickly with Venom Spread, which makes it a great Morale-bossting whip holder alongside other Toxic tems. It also has a very good defensive typing vs toxics, which makes Pigment Inverter a potential option.

Toxic Chromeon - The Mixup Master

by Rig

Updated as of Patch 0.9.4

Trait & Items

Morale-Boosting Whip


Rotten Goo
Harmful Microwaves
Venom Spread


Base TV Total
HP 51 84 328
STAMINA 55 19 61
SPEED 66 399 252
ATTACK 65 0 170
DEFENSE 49 0 143
SP ATTACK 78 497 292
SP DEFENSE 63 0 167


Alternate gears: A defensive or utility gear such as Double Screen or Drill is acceptable if you aren't struggling to speed stagger your allies for Venom Spread.

What is Toxic Chromeon's role in PVP?

First and foremost, it is a Chromeon. Its primary job is to be near digitals on a somewhat fast team and click Harmful Microwaves, as Chromeons do. What makes Toxic Chromeon stand out is its unique access to multiple high-priority moves: Rotten Goo and Venom Spread. This isn't enough to make it a super reliable pick in the same way that Melee Chromeon is, but it does enable or enhance some interesting digiteam combinations that other picks can't. These results combine into the fact that Toxic Chromeon teams are not just a niche counter-team option for dojo wars; they can be used vs. any team archetype. This is a fun and viable tem, but only on a carefully crafted team in the hands of a player that understands game momentum and how to balance risk vs reward.

I recommend that you do not play this Tem unless you are a knowledgable PVPer. While you don't have to be amazing at the game by any means, you do have to understand the basics of making simple predictions and understanding both what your allies can do and what the enemy Tems can do.

What kind of teams appreciate Toxic Chromeon?

Toxic Chromeon needs a lot of specific support, so let's shortly summarize what it needs in order to function. Rotten Goo is both low priority and high priority depending on if an electric ally is next to it, Harmful Microwaves is high or low priority dependant on digital allies, and Venom Spread does either a lot or no damage depending on if the enemy is poisoned.

This encourages a team made up of Digital allies, Electropunch / electric allies, allies who can apply poison faster than Toxic Chromeon, enough redundancy in the team so that Toxic Chromeon has access to most of its tools even after bans, and allies that cover the weaknesses of everyone else on the team. This leaves us a small but meaningful list of options.

Akranox, Ukama, Platimous, Hazrat, Koish, and Wiplump can all apply poison before Toxic Chromeon moves depending on their TVs and Whip buffs.

Zaobian, Digital Koish, Arachnyte, Mimit, Tuwire, Hedgine, and Monkko all give bonuses to Toxic Chromeon's Harmful Microwaves. Tuwire has an added bonus of gaining Faraday Cage synergy and somewhat reducing the effects of weakness-stacking that is prevalent on enemy teams.

Zaobian, Raignet, Amphatyr, Gazuma, and Volgon all offer Rotten Goo synergy. While other electrics exist, they either are not fast enough or heavily rely on a different elemental type to be effective (such as Sparkling Bullet). Zaobian and Raignet benefit from Toxic Chromeon's digital typing by offering synergy, and Raignet specifically makes issues with enemy electrics or digitals heavily reduced.

There are other options, but these are the main picks. You will likely need to have two electrics and two other digitals. Furthermore, having so many diverse allies leaves wiggle room for more interesting synergies, such as fast Lava Wave users/fast Water Cutting Lillies matched with Water Cannoneers or additional fires to assist Hedgine's Hellfire.

What is the goal of this Toxic Chromeon build?

This speed allows Toxic Chromeon to move quickly without outpacing every one of its other allies. Whip makes things much easier to speed-stagger for Venom Spread and can give your team a bit of help when fighting enemy digital archetype teams. With the correct allies, this is about as reliable as things get. The damage is respectable, the stamina lets you spam Harmful Microwaves/Rotten Goo/Hologram in any order you need, and you will be able to take a turn of hits and still survive to attack unless the damage was particularly aggressive.

You will need to manually modify this build's speed for your needs. This current build lets you run a moderately fast Ukama and/or a max speed Hazrat with the +1 speed boost from Whip for Venom Spread. You may want your Toxic Chromeon to be faster or slower depending on your allies. For example, a Platimous with Urushiol gives several more turns of leeway for Toxic Chromeon to take advantage of, while Wastewater completely whiffs on turn 1 if the poison tick isn't used for Venom Spread immediately. Thus, it may not be critical for Platimous to move faster than Chromeon, but it sure is for Hazrat or Zaobian.

Because the speed investment is rarely able to be max speed (unless you are not using Venom Spread, which isn't a bad option), this makes facing enemy digital teams a bit more difficult without preparation, so plan your team accordingly.

You can reduce HP for spatk or speed, or rebalance your spatk/speed investments to something that suits your needs better. I find the bite of Harmful Microwaves to be lacking without a high spatk TV investment, however.

Final Words

This is a fun an unexpected Tem, with an assortment of tricks up its sleeves thanks to its ability to move as quickly or as slowly as desired. Rotten Goo hits Nagaise teams, its allies cover its weaknesses well, and opponents often underestimate it. Play your swaps and leads properly and it can get a lot of mileage. Beware of Bait users such as Chimurian and Gyalis, as well as unexpected holders.

Name Type Class Priority Damage Stamina Hold
Toxic Torrent
Special Normal 65 18 0
Venom Spread
Special High 150 20 0
Digital Whip
Physical Low 20 6 0
Shy Shield
Status High 0 4 0
Data Burst
Unknown Last 0 0 0
Status Ultra 0 12 1
Binary Flood
Special Normal 60 24 1
Status Normal 0 10 0
Rainbow Guard
Status Normal 0 20 1
Status Normal 0 18 2
Data Corruption
Status Normal 0 22 2
Harmful Microwaves
Special Low 86 28 0
Status Low 0 14 1
Special Normal 50 22 2
Rotten Goo
Special low 82 23 0